Alien Shores

Wake the world out of slumber
From cattle some have raised to redeem memory
All shall come discover the world into the eyes of lunacy
Gateways to the unknown, wide open they call
Intuition peeks beyond the veil of lies
Lucid delirium in the eye of enemy
Seemed like a hoax, now yields verity.

We call for disclosure
And the curtain is sooner to fall
It might give a jolt, release all holds
And I swear that this time no one will reel you back in

You'll no longer care about how it was in your life before
Once you'll see what I've seen beyond this crumbling theater set
That we were domesticated to call reality
Like filigrees all across Mercator
Outlandish alien shores, majestic signatures of wisdom lost wait
Their names erased, painted over, forgotten

More and more (of) you come aboard
We are raising anchor to sail far away
Against winds and tides
We yearn to regain what memories have lost
We will walk the Earth with an inner compass steering our way
Partake the crusade, to free those minds in need for the horizon

The veil torn with word of mouth
Absolute weapon lays in all minds
In your heart, in your soul,
Inquisition visibly carried on
Only quit burning people
Yet we see the fervor rising, exhilarating
Global hunger for illumination
Alius sum! Alius sum!
A stranger in the eye of the ignorant